Psychologist Salary

Being a psychologist is quite a challenging job as it deals with people with different psychological disorders. Many time people aren’t even aware of the psychological problems they have, which, however, affect both their professional and personal lives. A person may suffer from behavioral disorder and this leads to a destructive mentality, which may put this persona and other around it in tough situations. Psychologists identify and can tackle different types of psychological disorders of people from many different categories, from sports people to criminals. There are different streams in psychology and the salary of psychologists differ depending on which stream they work in.

Psychologist SalaryThe level of salaries in psychology depends on the place the person is working, on what the person is specialized in. For instance, someone who works in a small city won’t earn as much as a professional working in a metropolis.

Studies show that in the United States a psychologist earns, on average, 72,487 dollars a year. This value is directly connected to the working stream.

High salaries are earned by those psychologists with a lot of experience in the field, but that is what happens in all professions.

Counseling psychology is a very exciting stream of the psychological field in which professionals deal with different social categories from students, to handicapped people or schizophrenic patients. This type of psychologists are the best paid professionals in the field .

Students in psychology usually have rather high expectations from the salary point of view on what their future careers are concerned. Psychology is a various field, so there are numerous possibilities for young professionals to choose a career and find a good job.

Of course, how many choices a person has in choosing the career depends very much on the degree owned. However, there are many disciplines to employ the knowledge in, regardless what degree one has. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics or, there is no problem for psychologists to find a job in the United States.

National Averages

In the United States, a psychologist earns, on average, around $84,220 as median annual salary, according to the results issued by the BLS in May 2009. This translates into $40,49 per hour. These numbers, however, depend very much on what degree the psychologist has. The highest salary in the filed can go up to $117,470 a year, while the lowest is somewhere under $41,070. Experience is another important criterion which influences the level of salary of a psychologist with degree. Of course that for degree owners it is much easier to find a job in the field, as they have more options available. Nevertheless, entry levels are paid less than expected by fresh graduates, no matter the degree they have.


As mentioned before, experience is a very important factor influencing the level of salary, regardless the field of profession. Don’t expect a high salary from your first job, but look for gaining as much experience as you can. A high academic degree may bring you a salary as high as $25,500 a year. Having a masters degree and one year of experience can raise the salary up to $31,200. Furthermore, a Ph.D. of Psy.D together with a year of internship can bring a revenue of $37,800. A high level diploma with more years of experience can bring a $45,200 yearly salary.


Physicians’ offices registered the highest salary for a psychology graduate in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The value was of $109,550. Education (namely universities or colleges) is one of the industries in which the salary for psychologists is the least.